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Why C3 Sports? 

C3 Sports provides a family friendly, one of a kind sports experience. We believe we can teach important life skills through the avenue of sports. We strive for our players to learn to love the sport, become better athletes through fundamentals, and build confidence and character through healthy competition. Our Athlete Acceleration programming starts with fun competition in younger ages and advances as your player advances to competitive age appropriate tournaments. Join C3 Sports and watch your player develop fundamentally, physically, and socially! Better athletes, better teammates, better people.

Life lessons

We love teaching life lessons through sports! We believe sports is the perfect venue to teach life lessons. We want our players to learn to love the sport, but equally as important are learning things like teamwork, character, integrity, attitude, respect, work ethic to name a few. We have designed a system to award these traits on game day. After each game your coach will give one of these awards to EACH player for the character trait they displayed during the game! At practice the players will stop and “Take a Knee” to learn important values that apply in the game and life.


We hear all the time that there is a different atmosphere at practice and game days. That is intentional! We want to provide a family friendly atmosphere. Coaches and referees go through training and know how we expect them to act on the field or court. Their focus is on the kids…not the score. Do they want to win? Absolutely, but with the proper balance of sportsmanship and competitiveness. We don’t always get it right, but we strive to set the bar as high as we can.

Athlete Acceleration

Our leagues are designed for everyone…novice to experienced athlete. Our younger leagues are designed to develop sound fundamentals and love for the sport. As the player develops and grows the competition starts to increase. In our older leagues the season ends with a tournament where a division champion is crowned.

We have every player go through an evaluation process. We then take those results and try to balance each team with “like” talent. We don’t allow people to come in with teams that are already set. We do our best to level the playing field for all teams.

There is a mandatory substitution schedule that our coaches are required to follow. In our younger grades playing time is almost identical in the course of a season. And every player gets to start a game. In our older, more competitive leagues every player is guaranteed to play at least half of a game.

Highlights of C3 Sports

·      Players are introduced with music and fanfare just like the big leagues! Football even has a tunnel they run through.

·      Outdoor sports start with The National Anthem.

·      Professional team and individual pictures are taken each season.

·      There are family activities in some of our seasons.

·      Concessions!

If you are looking for a highly organized, fundamental, fun, competitive, family friendly sports experience…welcome to C3 Sports!

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