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C3 Soccer Format

Welcome to C3 Sports General Soccer information. Thanks for checking us out!

We offer a complete sports experience for the family and your athlete, Pre-K through 8th grade. Our format develops athletes from the early stages of learning and loving the game of soccer through a more competitive, strategy driven experience as they grow older.

What is Athlete Acceleration and why do we use it?

Our Athlete Acceleration program is designed to grow as your athlete grows preparing them in the skills needed to participate at the middle school level and beyond. We take an intentional different approach to youth soccer. Starting with small sided games and accelerating to larger fields as our athletes grow and mature in the game without getting too big to diminish individual skills. This approach has many benefits:

Smaller fields

  • Better technical development

  • Less players on a field = better tactical development

  • Better physical efficiency as the game is played

  • More skill development

Smaller team size

  • More touches on the ball

  • More individual coaching per player

  • More playing time

  • More playing on both sides of the ball

Playing with Purpose

  • Virtue based learning preparing athletes for off the field, life situations

  • Builds character

  • Builds self esteem

  • Builds a team mentality

  • Develops a heart for others

  • Creates a different “family friendly” atmosphere on game day

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Practice format

  • All teams will practice for 1 hour through the week


League Format

Developmental League A, B (typically Pre-K, K)

  • Field size 60’ by 100’ no goalies

  • Goal size 6’ by 2’

  • Size 3 ball

  • 4 on 4 play*

  • Coed


Intermediate League (typically 1st - 2nd grade)

  • Field size 80’ by 120’ no goalies

  • Goal size 6’ by 2’

  • Size 3 ball

  • 4 on 4 play*

  • Separate gender division

Advanced League (typically 3rd - 4th grade)

  • Field size 105’ by 140’ with goalies

  • Goal size 12’ by 6’

  • Size 4 ball

  • 6 on 6 play* (Starts position playing)

  • Separate gender division

  • Season end tournament


Premier League (typically 5th - 8th grade)

  • Field size 120’ by 160’ with goalies

  • Goal size 12’ by 6’

  • Size 5 ball

  • 6 on 6 play* (Starts positon playing)

  • Separate gender division

  • Season end tournament


Due to the integrity of the draft we do not take friend or coach requests (parent coaches will be placed with their child

How is the League Formatted?

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